1. Dragons' Den

Dragons's Den is a competition whose purpose is to encourage young researchers to move forward in their fields of interest. The winners receive a substantial prize to support their future research work.

2. Eligibility

This contest is open to students and researchers with maximum age of 35 and no permanent academic position. The proposer must be properly registered with IUCr 2017 – i.e. he she must have an Access Key, and all registration fees paid.

3. Submitting a Proposal

Eligible researchers must submit a proposal by filling an online form. The proposal must be for future research work and not for research work already undertaken or ongoing or presented at the IUCr 2017 Congress. Details of the Proposer and the Project Proposed will be required by the form.

4. Submission Deadline

23 July 2017

5. Judging Proposals

Applications will be shortlisted by a judging panel nominated by the IUCr2017 LOC.

6. Inside the Dragons' Den

Authors of selected proposals will present and defend their proposal in front of the Dragons (a Commission of 5 expert crystallographers). Each presenter will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to convince the Dragons about their idea and to answer their fiery questions. Decision on what projects are funded is taken immediately at the end of all presentations. Please bring any age proof document with you.

7. The Prize

Awardees receive a grant of INR 1,50,000 or approximately US$2300. Awards are sponsored by: IUCr2017; STOE; Springer; Elsevier

8. To enter the Contest:

Paste your Access Key in the box below then click the button below to go to the online form.

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